Chrysler Phaeton

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Chrysler Voyager
Automotive industryChrysler Corporation
Parent companyDaimlerChrysler
Car body style2-door Coupe convertible
Automobile layoutFR
Internal combustion engine5400.00 Cc, Normal Aspirated, V12
Transmission (mechanics)4-speed 31TH Automatic transmission
The Chrysler Phaeton

The Chrysler Phaeton was a Coupe convertible Concept car built by Chrysler Corporation in 1997.

The Phaeton was inspired by Chrysler's 1941 Newport Phaeton. It had a 48-valve 5.5 L aluminum V12 rated at 425 hp. The suspension was a modified Double wishbone with independent double A-arms. Another unique feature is that it has gauges in the rear seat. It was included in the Playstation game Gran Turismo 2 as a special car that could only be won.

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