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The Energy Regeneration Brake was the name for a system designed to automatically switch an electric motor into a generator as the vehicle slowed. Braking energy is captured so that batteries can be recharged, thus increasing the range of the automobile.

The system was first developed in 1967 by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in cooperation with Gulton Industries[1] for an experimental battery powered city car.[2] This concept car was called Amitron and its later iteration, the Electron. To achieve longer battery life between charges, the Amitron would have a "regenerative braking system" to generate battery-charging power as the car is slowed.[2]

Recently, described as "Brake Energy Regeneration", it is a misnomer for an electronic control unit used by BMW that engages the alternator during braking, while freewheeling during acceleration and limiting its horsepower draw from the car’s engine while cruising.[3]


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