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The following is a list of Automobile (including Pickup truck, Sport utility vehicle, and Van) carrying the Dodge Brand name.

There is also a separate List of Dodge concept vehicles.



United States models

Many of these have been sold in other countries, of course, but this list represents the history of Dodge production for the main United States market. This list should be entirely complete.

Other North American models

As sold in Canada, Mexico or other locations outside the United States. This list is far from complete.

  • Dodge Crusader (Canada 1951-1958)
  • Dodge Kingsway (Canada 1946-1952)
  • Dodge Mayfair (Canada 1953-1959)
  • Dodge Regent (Canada 1946-1959)
  • Dodge Viscount (Canada 1959)

International models

Models sold in locations outside North America. This list should include only vehicles sold under the Dodge nameplate (as opposed to rebadged Dodges sold under the Chrysler nameplate), and is obviously not complete.

  • Dodge Phoenix (Australia, 1960-1973)
  • Dodge Utility - Based on the Chrysler Valiant (Australia, 1967-1976)
  • Dodge AT4 and D5N Trucks (Australia, 1959-1979)

Trucks, vans, and SUVs

United States models

A variety of Dodge trucks, including many of these same models, have been sold overseas as well. Most times, this was under the Fargo or DeSoto names. This list is probably far from complete, especially in regards to medium- and heavy-duty models.

For specifically foreign-market models (designed by Chrysler Europe, etc.), see below.

Also note that from 1927-1928, all trucks built by Dodge were actually sold under the Graham-Paige name, as that company held the marketing rights at that time.

Military trucks carrying the Dodge brand name


  • M1918 light repair truck

T202 - 1/2 ton, 4x4 series truck (G-505)

  • Dodge VC-1
  • Dodge VC-2
  • Dodge VC-3
  • Dodge VC-4
  • Dodge VC-5
  • Dodge VC-6

T203 - 1/2 ton, 4x4 series truck (G-621)

  • Dodge VF-401
  • Dodge VF-402
  • Dodge VF-403
  • Dodge VF-404
  • Dodge VF-405
  • Dodge VF-406
  • Dodge VF-407

T207 - 1/2 ton, 4x4 series truck (G-505)

  • Dodge WC-1
  • Dodge WC-3
  • Dodge WC-4
  • Dodge WC-5
  • Dodge WC-6
  • Dodge WC-7
  • Dodge WC-8
  • Dodge WC-9
  • Dodge WC-10
  • Dodge WC-11

T211 - 1/2 ton, 4x4 series truck (G-505)

  • Dodge WC-12
  • Dodge WC-13
  • Dodge WC-14
  • Dodge WC-15
  • Dodge WC-16
  • Dodge WC-17
  • Dodge WC-18
  • Dodge WC-19
  • Dodge WC-20

T214 - 3/4 ton, 4x4 series truck (G-502)

  • Dodge WC-51
  • Dodge WC-52
  • Dodge WC-53
  • Dodge WC-54
  • Dodge WC-55
  • Dodge WC-56
  • Dodge WC-57
  • Dodge WC-58
  • Dodge WC-59
  • Dodge WC-60
  • Dodge WC-61
  • Dodge WC-64

T215 - 1/2 ton, 4x4 series truck (G-505)

  • Dodge WC-21
  • Dodge WC-22
  • Dodge WC-23
  • Dodge WC-24
  • Dodge WC-25
  • Dodge WC-26
  • Dodge WC-27
  • Dodge WC-40
  • Dodge WC-41
  • Dodge WC-42
  • Dodge WC-43

T223 - 1 1/2 ton, 6x6 series truck (G-507)

  • Dodge WC-62
  • Dodge WC-63

T236 - 3/4 ton, 4x4 series truck (Canadian built)

  • D3/4 APT

M-37 - 3/4 ton, 4x4 series truck (G-741)

  • Dodge M37
  • Dodge M-42
  • Dodge M-43
  • Dodge XM-711B1

T137 - 1 ton, 4x4 series truck

  • Dodge M-601
  • Dodge M-615

M-880 - 1 1/4 ton, 4x4 series truck

  • Dodge M-880 German: De:Dodge W 200
  • Dodge M-881
  • Dodge M-882
  • Dodge M-883
  • Dodge M-884
  • Dodge M-885
  • Dodge M-886
  • Dodge M-888
  • Dodge M-890

4x2 variants:

  • Dodge M-891
  • Dodge M-892
  • Dodge M-893

European Dodge trucks

This list is most likely nowhere near complete.

  • Commer Spacevan (formerly the Commer Spacevan)
  • Dodge 50 Series (later the Renault 50 Series)
  • Dodge 100 Commando series
  • Dodge 300
  • Dodge 500
  • Dodge VF2 (formerly the Simca VF2)


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