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Simca Alvorada
Simca Alvorada
Automotive industrySimca do Brasil
PredecessorSimca Chambord
Car classificationLarge car
Car body style4-door Saloon car
5-door Estate car
Automobile layoutFR layout
Internal combustion engine2.4 L Ford Flathead engine V8
Transmission (mechanics)3-speed Manual transmission[1]
Wheelbase2690 mm (105.9 in)[1]
Length4520 mm (178 in)[1]
Width1750 mm (68.9 in)[1]
Height1480 mm (58.3 in)[1]
Curb weight1150 kg (2535 lb)[1]
Fuel capacity60 litres (Convert/LoffAonSoffUSre; 13.2 imp gal)[1]
RelatedFord Vedette
Simca Vedette
Simca Chambord

The Simca Alvorada was a stripped version of the Simca Chambord, the first model to be built by Simca do Brasil.

The Chambord, which was a direct copy of the French built Simca Vedette, had first left the production line in March 1959 and featured an 84 hp (63 kW) engine, 3 speed gearbox with the shifter located on the steering column and was assembled with parts imported from France. It was a large Automobile, manufactured until 1969 in different versions (including the Alvorada) and styled by the Brazilian subsidiary of French Automaker Simca at their factory in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.


Alvorada - a name with a vengeance

The Simca Alvorada was a radically stripped down version based on the posh Simca Chambord as a result of a demand by the Brazilian government of president Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira that every car manufacturer must offer an affordable basic version within their range. The idea was to give as many Brazilians as possible the possibility to own a car.

While this was welcome news for Volkswagen, for example, Simca do Brasil was not exactly pleased with the idea as the brand had established itself comfortably in the luxury car sector in a way that Simca back in Europe never managed. However, despite having no plans to launch a cheap car and with no other options left, Simca do Brasil decided reluctantly to create an entry level version of their successful Simca Chambord.

The Simca Alvorada appeared in 1963 with just two colours as option (grey and a faded yellow), no chrome, no trimmings and a very simple interior. As a silent protest the car was named after the place the order to create this model came from: The Palácio da Alvorada, the presidential palace in the capital Brasilia.

Production figures

  • 1963 - 1964 = 378 units


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