Simca Ariane

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Simca Ariane
Simca Ariane
Automotive industrySimca
Car classificationLarge family car
Car body style4-door Saloon car
Automobile layoutFR layout
Internal combustion engine1.3 L Flash Straight-4
2.4 L Ford Flathead engine V8
RelatedFord Vedette
Simca Vedette
Chrysler Esplanada

The Simca Ariane was a large Saloon car manufactured from 1957 to 1963 by the French Automaker Simca in the factory in Poissy. The Ariane was created by fitting the body of the former first-generation Simca Vedette with a 1.3 L Flash Straight-4 engine from the much smaller Simca Aronde - a combination focused on economy rather than speedy acceleration. Presented in April 1957, the Ariane filled the gap between Aronde and Vedette. In October of the same year, the Ariane 8 was presented - a version powered by the same Ford Flathead engine 2.4 L V8 unit that powered the Vedette. The Ariane 8 effectively replaced the former Simca Trianon, which was a bottom-of-the-range Vedette, as the latter was moved upmarket. The Ariane was manufactured until 1963, with 166,363 produced.[1][2]

File:Simca ariane back.jpg
Simca Ariane, rear view

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