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American Motors concept Electron

The Electron was an American concept automobile built in 1977 by American Motors Corporation (AMC).


The experimental three-passenger commuter "city car" was designed for short-trip urban transportation. The clamshell-style roof swung back on rear-mounted pivots for entry and egress.

The Electron was based on previous development of the AMC Amitron.[1] Powered by a lightweight lithium battery system, the Electron was designed in anticipation of further advances in electronic technologies.

The Electron (along with the AM Van, Grand Touring, Concept I, Concept II, and Jeep II) constituted AMC's "Concept 80" program. This was a nationwide tour of idea cars to highlight American Motors' role in the future car markets.[1]


  • Wheelbase: 60 inches (1,524 mm)
  • Length: 85 in (2,159 mm)
  • Width: 69.5 in (1,765 mm)
  • Height: 46 in (1,168 mm)


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