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|rowspan= valign=top align=center |barrel |align=center valign=top|impbbl |align=center valign=top|imp bbl |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.16365924 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |kilderkin |align=center valign=top|kilderkin | |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.08182962 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |firkin |align=center valign=top|firkin | |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.04091481 |valign=top| |- |rowspan=2 valign=top align=center |bushel |align=center valign=top|impbsh |align=center valign=top|imp bsh |rowspan=2 valign=top| |rowspan=2 valign=top align=right|0.03636872 |valign=top| |- |align=center valign=top|impbu |align=center valign=top|imp bu |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |kenning |align=center valign=top|impkenning | |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.01818436 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |peck |align=center valign=top|imppk |align=center valign=top|imp pk |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.00909218 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |quart |align=center valign=top|impqt |align=center valign=top|imp qt |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.0011365225 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |gallon |align=center valign=top|impgal |align=center valign=top|imp gal |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.00454609 |valign=top|

  • impgal l
    • impgal l USgal
    • impgal l U.S.gal
    • impgal l USdrygal
    • impgal l U.S.drygal
  • impgal L
    • impgal L USgal
    • impgal L U.S.gal
    • impgal L USdrygal
    • impgal L U.S.drygal
  • impgal USgal
    • impgal USgal L
    • impgal USgal l
  • impgal U.S.gal
    • impgal U.S.gal L
    • impgal U.S.gal l
  • impgal USdrygal
    • impgal USdrygal L
    • impgal USdrygal l
  • impgal U.S.drygal
    • impgal U.S.drygal L
    • impgal U.S.drygal l

|- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |pint |align=center valign=top|imppt |align=center valign=top|imp pt |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.00056826125 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |gill |align=center valign=top|impgi |align=center valign=top|imp gi |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.0001420653125 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |fluid ounce |align=center valign=top|impoz (impfloz) |align=center valign=top|imp fl oz |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.0000284130625 |valign=top|

  • impoz USoz
  • impoz U.S.oz
  • impoz ml
  • impoz mL