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|rowspan= valign=top align=center |Cubic mile |align=center valign=top|cumi (mi3) |align=center valign=top|cu mi |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|4,168,181,825.440579584 |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |Acre foot |align=center valign=top|acre ft
(acre feet, acre foot) |align=center valign=top|acre·ft |rowspan= valign=top|used for large-scale water resources
The acre foot code will produce acre foot as the plural form. |rowspan= valign=top align=right|1,233.48183754752 |valign=top|

|- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |Cubic yard |align=center valign=top|cuyd (yd3) |align=center valign=top|cu yd |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.764554857984 |valign=top|

|- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |Cubic foot |align=center valign=top|cuft
(ft3, cufoot, foot3) |align=center valign=top|cu ft |rowspan= valign=top|The cufoot or foot3 code will produce cubic foot as the plural form. |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.028316846592 |valign=top|

|- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |Board foot |align=center valign=top|board feet
(board foot) | |rowspan= valign=top|1 ft × 1 ft × 1 in
used for measuring lumber
The board foot code will produce board foot as the plural form. |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.002359737216 |valign=top|

|- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |Cubic inch |align=center valign=top|cuin (in3) |align=center valign=top|cu in |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|0.000016387064 |valign=top|

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