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Wheel Horse was a manufacturer of lawn and garden tractors. The business was started in the two-car garage of Elmer Pond in 1946. He began building two-wheel, self-propelled "Walk-Away" garden tractors that were sold under the Pond name. The framework was typically simple angle or channel iron and various surplus motorcycle and automotive parts were used. In 1947, a four-wheel tractor, the "Ride-Away" model was introduced for garden use. It was also made from crude parts and without a hood for easy service access.

The demand for garden tractors was rapidly increasing as households with small gardens found them rather inexpensive, practical to use for a variety of chores, and they were economical to maintain. By 1956, the business had become very successful. The company began to build a range of small to large lawn and garden tractors, in addition to a line of riding lawn mowers. A characteristic of the products was their standardization through the years. The most popular model and year was the R-J58 Wheel Horse 1958, it came with out a mowing deck but could put one on.

The company's headquarters were in South Bend, Indiana. The business was acquired by American Motors (AMC) in the 1970s as it expanded into non- automotive markets. However, in 1986, Wheel Horse was spun off from AMC and purchased by Toro.[1]


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