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Chrysler Canada Inc
TypeWholly-owned subsidiary
HeadquartersWindsor, Ontario
Area servedCanada
Key peopleReid Bigland, President & CEO of Chrysler Canada
ProductsAutomobiles, Light Trucks, Vans, Light Commercial Vehicles
ParentChrysler LLC

Chrysler Canada Inc. is Chrysler's Canadian division. Incorporated in 1925, the Chrysler Corporation of Canada gained complete control of a Maxwell-Chalmers plant that had been used to manufacture some Chrysler models in the previous year. Initially called Chrysler Canada, Ltd, the name of the company changed to DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc following the merger of the two parent companies. In August 2007, the company was renamed Chrysler Canada Incorporated when Cerberus Capital Management purchased 80.1% of its parent company Chrysler LLC.

Chrysler Canada has three vehicle assembly plants in operation in Canada, and built 535,878 cars and trucks in 2002. In 2007 the company sold 232,688 vehicles in the Canadian market. Currently in terms of sales, Chrysler Canada is number two in volume slightly edging out Ford Motor company not including their Premier Automotive Group holding just over 14% of the market.

Due to Windsor being the location of Chrysler's main Canadian headquarters and plants, and the City of Oshawa housing General Motors Canadian headquarters and three plants, there is a friendly rivalry as Automotive Capital of Canada.

Current Brands & Models

Currently in Canada, Chrysler Canada Inc. sells three brands, namely Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler. Dodge is positioned as the mainstream car, truck and van line while Jeep is the off-road brand. Chrysler is the company's current luxury/entry-luxury brand. One thing about the Canadian lineup versus the American product offerings is that, while all of the same models are available, sometimes they are sold under different brands. For example, during the first part of the 2000's, Dodge was positioned not as a car brand but as a truck brand that also sold minivans and SUVs. With Plymouth phased out, all car lines ended up going to Chrysler. As such the Canadian marketplace included cars such as the Chrysler Neon, Chrysler Intrepid and so forth that were offered as Dodges only in the US marketplace. As of 2003 this decision has been reversed and the lineups are the same in both countries.


The current entry luxury/luxury lineup of Chrysler Canada. Models in the lineup range from $20000 and peak around $60000 for a fully loaded 300C SRT-8. The lineup consists of cars, SUVs, Crossovers and Minivans. Canada is currently one of only a few markets where the Chrysler brand has maintained a luxury position in the market. In fact in 2005 and 2006 the Chrysler brand was the number one selling luxury brand in Canada. The Chrysler 300C is currently the best selling luxury model in Canada.


Dodge is the entry level mainstream brand of Chrysler Canada. The lineup contains everything from compact hatchbacks all the way to exotic sports cars. The price range goes from $15000 to around $103000. Dodge for the last two decades has been advertised not only as the mainstream value brand but also the performance brand as well as the man's brand. Names like the Charger, Avenger and Nitro were used to cement this idea, as well as availability of the Viper sports car. These models are soon to be joined by the Dodge Challenger another sports car based on the LX platform currently under the Magnum, Charger and 300/300C, as well as the soon to be introduced Dodge Journey which shares it platform though it is significantly changed with the Avenger, Caliber, Compass, Patriot and Sebring. Soon to follow will be multiple subcompact vehicles, making the Dodge lineup a full line brand. Also the Dodge brand has two of the top ten best selling light truck vehicles currently sold in Canada. Those are the Dodge Caravan(2nd) and the Dodge Ram(3rd).


Jeep is currently the offroad specifically SUV brand of Chrysler Canada. Up until 2007 all models were truck based SUVs and the lineup was limited to four full models. With the introduction of the Compass and Patriot, the brand has reached out to new buyers looking for an SUV's capabilities, with better fuel economy. The Patriot is also currently the least expensive SUV in Canada currently on the market.



Chrysler Canada has a network of 500 dealers from coast to coast. Almost all of these dealers carry all three brands of Chrysler Canada including Chrysler Dodge and Jeep. Most are renovating their properties and the new versions incorporate a Drive-Thru entrance for servicing to make that part of the dealership more efficient. There are two types of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep retailers, one the regular and the other are Five Star retailers.

The Five Star designation is the highest recognition Chrysler Canada Inc. can award a Retailer for exceptional customer service. Wherever you see the Five Star logo, you know you'll get the friendliest and most helpful dealership environment available.

Chrysler Canada Inc. Five Star Retailers are required to follow a strict set of requirements in order to be awarded Five Star Certification.

Training: Your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Sales Consultants are courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. Service Technicians and Advisors are trained in the latest diagnostic and repair procedures to ensure that all work is done properly and efficiently. Helpful Parts Personnel will arrange quick turn-around and timely follow-up on parts when needed.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: The Customer Satisfaction Survey puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to Five Star Certification, giving you an opportunity to let them know what you think about your Five Star experience.

Customer Follow-Up: You'll be contacted within seven days after any Sales or Service experience to ensure you're completely satisfied.

Dealership Requirements: It starts with a facility that offers ample parking, a clean and pleasant environment, and convenient waiting areas.

Chrysler Canada Inc. personnel continuously monitor and validate Retailer compliance to these requirements. And Retailers must consistently meet tough Five Star score standards in all areas to keep their certification. This means you're assured of the finest and most professional Sales and Service treatment every time you visit a Five Star Retailer.

Manufacturing plants

Chrysler Canada has other operations in Canada:


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