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Chrysler's rear wheel drive F platform was used from 1976 to 1980. It was replaced by the nearly-identical Chrysler M platform. There were two wheelbases: 108.7 in for 2-door models, and 112.7 in for four-doors. As the market evolved, these would be marketed as mid-size and eventually take on full-sized nameplates such as Plymouth Fury for police and fleet applications. These were effectively replaced by the very successful Chrysler K platform in standard and stretch sizes which retained two bench seats, column shifter and room for six unlike many other compact-sized cars modeled after non-American designs (buckets seats for 4/5, console shifter). It was widely believed that the F platform was not as high quality as the highly successful Chrysler A platform which underpinned the compact Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant.

Cars that used the F platform include:

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