Chrysler Pacifica (1999 concept vehicle)

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The Chrysler Pacifica 1999 concept vehicle, not to be confused with the 2004-present Chrysler Pacifica crossover vehicle, was a concept luxury minivan built to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the minivan. The overall design of the Pacifica, was a cross between a minivan and a limousine, with the interior amenities of a private jet. The exterior was very similar to that of a Town & Country's, along with an LHS inspired front fascia and a raised roof, which included a skylight and overhead storage bins. It could seat up to six, with four front and rear captain's chairs and fold-out jump seats on each of the rear seats. The 2nd row seats featured power footrests as well. Another interesting feature was a golf bag rack in the trunk space that could hold up to four golf bags. The Pacifica minivan was truly a luxurious car, and it and the 2000 Chrysler Citadel concept car, inspired the 2004 crossover vehicle of the same name.

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