Chrysler Pronto Cruizer

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"Chrysler Pronto Cruizer" Maisto 1/18 scale model, in Aztec Yellow

The Chrysler Pronto Cruizer was a concept car created by the DaimlerChrysler brand, Chrysler. The Pronto Cruizer was first introduced at the 1999 Geneva Auto Show. The Pronto Cruizer was originally supposed to be a Plymouth (another "Pronto" concept; the 1997 Plymouth Pronto and 1998 Plymouth Pronto Spyder), but became a Chrysler due to the planned discontinuation of the Plymouth marque.

The Pronto Cruizer had a 1.6 L I4 engine with a five-speed manual transmission borrowed from the second generation Dodge/Plymouth Neon. The design was also derived from the Neon, but with elements borrowed from another DaimlerChrysler concept car, the Plymouth Pronto. The Pronto Cruizer had a grille and fenders that rivaled the one used on the unique Plymouth Prowler. A roll-back fabric top was used on the Pronto Cruizer as well.

Scale model reproductions

The Pronto Cruizer was recreated as a scale model by Maisto after its rise of popularity. It was reproduced first as a 1:18 scale model with the basic Aztec Yellow paint job. Later, another scale model of the Pronto Cruizer was released by Maisto, this time having a theme from Marvel's Incredible Hulk.

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