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Collier Motors was an American Motors (AMC) dealership in Pikeville, North Carolina. Owner Robert Collier still sells AMC cars and parts which he keeps at the original site.[1] AMC was bought by Chrysler in 1987.


The Collier family had a longstanding relationship with AMC from the 1950s until the company was partially purchased by Renault in 1979.[2] Rather than move toward selling the Renault-derived vehicles that AMC increasingly concentrated on marketing during its last years in business, Collier continued to sell the pre-Renault stock already on the lot.


In spite of the lot being overgrown with weeds, Collier continues to sell whole cars and parts, although many of them are in poor shape as they have been sitting on the lot since the early 1980s. They include 1970s and 1980-model AMCs, such as Gremlin, Pacer, Matador, Javelin, Eagle and Concord. Many retain their original window stickers.

Rare vehicles collection

Among AMC vehicles owned by Robert Collier himself are Barry Goldwater's AMX muscle car,[3] two Alabama Highway Patrol Javelins, and a Nash from the 1991 movie "The Marrying Man" (starring Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger).[2]


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