Dodge ZEO

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Dodge ZEO
Dodge Zeo
Productionconcept/unveiled 2008
Classconcept car
Body style(s)2- and 4-door sport wagon
Engine(s)Motor Single electric Power: 200 kW (268 hp)
Wheelbase109.9 inches/2792mm
Length172.8 inches/4390mm
Width76.5 inches/1944mm
Height50.8 inches/1290mm
Curb weightGVWR 2650 lbs./3400 lbs.
Electric range250 miles
ManualsService Manual

The Dodge Zeo is a concept car revealed on 14 January, 2008 and manufactured by Chrysler.[1][2] The 2+2 car was introduced at the 2008 North American International Auto Show[3]. Dodge unveiled a concept car second time at the Paris Motor Show in October 2008.

All electric vehicle

Main article: All-electric vehicle

It is a four-passenger sport wagon, powered by a single 268-horsepower electric motor with a lithium-ion battery[4]. It is a rear-powered sports car that seats 4 and can do 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. [5]It can go 250 miles (400 km) between charges.

Plug-in hybrid

Main article: Plug-in hybrid

The series plug-in hybrid version has a 40 miles (64 km) only-electric range.

The company expects to outsource much of the production, hasn't selected partners, and has no timetable [6].


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