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Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance LLC
TypeJoint venture
FoundedMay 2002
HeadquartersDundee, Michigan
Key peopleBruce A. Baumbach (General Manager)
IndustryAutomotive engineering
Hyundai Motor Company
Mitsubishi Motors

The Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance LLC, or GEMA, is a manufacturing arm of Global Engine Alliance LLC, which is a joint venture of Chrysler, Mitsubishi Motors, and Hyundai Motor Company for developing a line of shared engines.[1][2][3][4][5]

The World Engine

The World Engine has five factories worldwide; two (GEMA) in Dundee, Michigan, United States, two in South Korea and one in Shiga, Japan. Production began in 2005 and will continue at least through 2012 with an annual capacity of approximately two million engines; each plant will be capable of producing 420,000. Twenty different automobile models from the three companies will use the engines. Each manufacturer has configured their variants of the basic GEMA design differently based on their engineering needs and standards, so consumers may experience very different power, fuel efficiency, and "feel" from each manufacturer.

Chrysler's GEMA engines

GEMA produces a single family of 4-cylinder engines with variable valve timing, marketed by Chrysler as the World Engine. The range starts with a 1.8 L unit which will principally find use throughout the world, and includes 2.0 L and 2.4 L variants which will find use in the United States. Turbocharged and supercharged versions may also be produced, as in Chrysler's similar Tritec engine.

Chrysler expects to use the GEMA family of engines in nine other models and projects that it will buy up to 840,000 GEMA engines annually.

The initial design of the engine block was handled by Hyundai. It features siamesed bores, meaning that there is no coolant flow between cylinders. The aluminum block has cast iron cylinder liners, and different liners can be fitted to alter the engine's bore.

The heads feature electro-hydraulic variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust side. The system was based on that used by the recent Mercedes-Benz 24-valve V6 and is quite sophisticated and expensive for a low-end engine. A variable tumble control system creates air tumbles in the intake runners at low rpms for better mixture. Valves are directly actuated by solid Bucket tappets.


The GEMA 1.8L I-4 is a dual overhead cam (DOHC) inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine capable of 148 horsepower (110 kW) and produces 125 foot-pounds force (169 N·m) of torque.[6] The engine has displacement of 109.7 cubic inches (1798 cc) with a bore of 3.38 inches (86 mm) and a stroke of 3.05 inches (77 mm).[6] The compression ratio is 10.5:1.[6]

The 1.8L DOHC inline 4 cylinder engine serves as the standard engine in the Dodge Caliber SE and SXT trim.


  • 2007-? Dodge Caliber SE and SXT, 148 hp (110 kW) 125 ft·lbf (169 N·m) torque


The 2.0 L GEMA DOHC inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine capable of 158 brake horsepower (118 kW) and produces 141 foot-pounds force (191 N·m) of torque. The engine has a displacement of 121.9 cubic inches (1,998 cc) with a bore of 3.38 inches (86 mm) and a stroke of 3.38 inches (86 mm).[7] The compression ratio of the engine is 10.5:1.[7] The 2.0 L GEMA engine is offered by Dodge in the Dodge Caliber. Outside North America, the 2.0 will be the base engine for the 2007 Chrysler Sebring and 2008 Dodge Avenger.



The 2.4 L 173 hp (129 kW) GEMA engine is used by Dodge in the R/T trim line of the Caliber. The dual overhead cam (DOHC) inline four cylinder engine has 144.0 cubic inches (2,360 cc) of displacement with a bore of 3.46 inches (88 mm) and a stroke of 3.82 inches (97 mm).[8] A 285 hp (213 kW) turbocharged variant of this engine will be used in the high-performance SRT-4 version of the Caliber.

The 2.4 engine is also the standard engine in the North American 2007 Chrysler Sebring and 2008 Dodge Avenger.


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