Plymouth Laser

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Plymouth Laser
1990-1991 Plymouth Laser
ManufacturerDiamond Star Motors
Parent companyChrysler Corporation
AssemblyNormal, Illinois
ClassSport compact
Body style(s)3-door liftback
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel drive/Four-wheel drive
PlatformChrysler D platform
Engine(s)1.8 L Mitsubishi 4G37 I4
2.0 L Mitsubishi 4G63 I4
2.0 L Mitsubishi 4G63T I4
Transmission(s)5-speed manual
4-speed automatic
Wheelbase97.2 in (2469 mm)
Length1993-94: 172.8 in (4389 mm)
1990-92: 170.5 in (4331 mm)
Width1993-94: 66.7 in (1694 mm)
1990-92: 66.5 in (1689 mm)
Height51.4 in (1306 mm)
Curb weight2,531 lb (1,148 kg)
Fuel capacity15.9 US gallons (60.2 L; 13.2 imp gal)
RelatedEagle Talon
Mitsubishi Eclipse
ManualsService Manual
1992-94 Plymouth Laser

The Plymouth Laser was a sports coupe made by Diamond Star Motors. It was a rebadged Mitsubishi Eclipse and was also twins with the Eagle Talon.

The Laser debuted in January 1989 as a 1990 model. It was launched at the same time as the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Eagle Talon was released later that year. Even though the three looked similar, both the Eclipse and the Talon had minor details that made them stick out from the Laser. The Laser sported a racey look, with a plastic panel in the place of a grille, a full rear lightbar, a bulge on the hood for 2.0 L engined models (not necessarily turbocharged), and stylish alloy wheels (on some models). Among other options, the Laser RS was available with a CD player, the first time for any Plymouth. The "Laser" nameplate, had previously been used on Chrysler's version of the Dodge Daytona, from 1984-1986. The Plymouth Laser had vast similarities to the Dodge Stealth, despite being on an unrelated platform.


Base Lasers carried a 1.8 L four-cylinder engine, whereas a 135 hp, 2.0 L DOHC four was optional with the Laser RS. The top-of-the-line RS Turbo used a turbocharged 2.0L rated at 195 hp (145 kW). A 5-speed manual transmission was standard. A 4-speed automatic was optional, except with the turbocharged engine, which could only be ordered with the manual transmission until 1991 models debuted.

Year to year changes

1991: The Laser received anti-lock brakes, and the turbocharged engine could now be ordered with an automatic transmission instead of a manual. The Laser RS could now only be ordered with the 195 hp (145 kW) engine.

1992: The Laser received cosmetic changes for 1992, and a new all wheel drive model joined the lineup. The RS Turbo AWD came only with a manual transmission, while the front-wheel drive version could still be ordered. There was also a freshening to the hood and front and rear fascias. The pop-up headlights were removed in favor of multi-form fixed headlights, making the car look more aerodynamic. The rear lightbar was replaced by two separate taillights. The RS model came with alloy wheels and other cosmetic differences. The RS could also be ordered with a Gold Package, which features gold trimmed wheels, pin stripes and graphics. These cars were rare as only limited numbers were ordered.

1993: All wheel drive Lasers could now be ordered with an automatic transmission. With the automatic, the power rating of turbocharged models dropped to 180 hp (134 kW). All Lasers except for the base model could be equipped with anti-lock brakes.

1994: Production of the Laser was halted in June of this year, due to poor sales. Nothing, including the price was changed. Production was very limited, making 1994 Lasers very rare.

Production Figures by Model Year:
1990 42,105
1991 30,198
1992 24,094
1993 14,300
1994 5,284(production halted mid-year)
Total 115,981

Trim levels & prices

The original base prices for the Plymouth Laser. Figures are in United States Dollars.

  • 1990
    • base - $10,855
    • RS - $11,900
    • RS Turbo - $13,905
  • 1991
    • base - $10,864
    • RS - $12,770
    • RS Turbo - $13,954
  • 1992
    • base - $11,184
    • RS - $13,332
    • RS Turbo - $14,811
    • RS Turbo AWD - $16,853
  • 1993
    • base - $11,542
    • RS - $13,910
    • RS Turbo - $15,444
    • RS Turbo AWD - $17,572
  • 1994
    • base - $11,542
    • RS - $13,910
    • RS Turbo - $15,444
    • RS Turbo AWD - $17,572


The Laser Turbo was on Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list from 1989 through 1992.

End of the line

The Plymouth Laser did not sell as well as the Eagle Talon, possibly because it was not a good fit for the budget/value-oriented Plymouth line but more likely because it had too much overlap with the brand new, sporty Plymouth Neon[1], and was dropped at the end of 1994. The Eagle Talon survived to the end of the Eagle brand in 1998, while the Mitsubishi Eclipse is still produced.


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