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1959 Rambler Six sedan
1959 Rambler Six sedan

The Rambler Six is an intermediate sized automobile that was built and sold by American Motors Corporation (AMC). The Rambler was sold under the Nash and Hudson brand names. However, this model became the replacement for the large-sized Nash and Hudson models that suffered from dwindling sales. In 1957, the Rambler was established as a separate marque and these models became the foundation for the company's best sales through the late 1950s.

In 1956, the four-door Rambler models were completely redesigned and the short-wheelbase two-door versions were dropped. The new line retained the 108-inch (2,743 mm) wheelbase, but the overall length was increased. The new Ramblers came only as four-door models. Along with the usual four-door sedan and station wagon was a new four-door hardtop sedan. Also, Rambler introduced an industry first, a four-door hardtop station wagon.

A companion model featuring AMC's new high-performance 327 cu in (5.4 L) V8 engine was introduced in 1957. This was the Rambler Rebel and it was an early "muscle car."

American Motors lter began the process of differentiating the Rambler brand name from its various sizes and similar model names. The Rambler Six and Rambler Rebel V8 were both renamed the Rambler Classic in 1961.


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