Richard E. Cross

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Richard E. Cross at American Motors during the 1960s

Richard E. Cross was an American business executive in the automotive industry and a lawyer.

Cross served as Chairman of American Motors Corporation (AMC) during a turbulent time in its strategy development. He supported the change away from the company's "economy-car" image during the mid-1960s. This involved the automaker making major design, styling, and marketing changes, as well as the addition of new convertibles and sporty models that were promoted by Roy Abernethy, AMC's president at that time. [1]

In 1966, Cross stepped down to become chairman of AMC's board of directors executive committee and to devote more time to his practice of law in Detroit, Michigan. [2]

"Cross was an urbane, hardheaded lawyer, as well as the chief executive officer at AMC making long-term decisions"[3]


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