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Trenton Engine is a Chrysler automobile factory in Trenton, Michigan. The factory opened in 1952 and was expanded in 1969.

Trenton engine was the site chosen for production of the 2.2 L four cylinder engine which debuted in 1980 in the K-cars. The factory was expanded again in 1985 with a $150 million investment to add production of the 2.5 L four cylinder in a 324,000-square-foot (30,100 m2) area formerly used for production of the Chrysler Slant 6 engine.

In 1988, Chrysler sold much of the machining equipment, as well as a license to the design, to First Auto Works of China. The Trenton plant largely switched to the new Chrysler 3.3 engine production, while FAW continues to build the 2.2 to this day.

DaimlerChrysler reportedly invested $297 million in 2005 to expand the Trenton Engine plant to prepare to build a new 4.0 L version of the SOHC V6 and to revitalize the 3.8 line.

The Trenton Engine Plant produced all B and RB Chrysler Big Block V-8 Engines (361, 383, 400, 413, 426 and 440 cu. inch) from their introduction in 1957 until their demise in 1979.

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