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Chrysler Flathead Straight-6
Chrysler Flathead straight-6 in a 1937 Dodge Brothers coupe
Automotive industryChrysler Corporation

The Chrysler Flathead engine is a car engine manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation.



Chrysler introduced a Straight-4 derivative of their new Flathead Straight-6 in 1926. Initially used by all Chrysler divisions, the straight-4 became Plymouth-only in 1929, lasting in production through 1932.

The original version displaced 185.8 cu in (3.0 L) and produced 38 hp (28 kW). This was only produced in 1926, with displacement reduced to 170.3 cu in (2.8 L) for 1927 through 1929. Power was initially rated the same but was upped to 45 hp (34 kW) during the 1928 model year.

After the introduction of the Plymouth brand in 1929, the base engine was enlarged to 175.4 cu in (2.9 L) for 1930 with the power rating remaining the same. A larger 196 cu in (3.2 L) version was also offered that year with 48 hp (36 kW). The engine was slightly revised for 1932 with a claimed displacement of 196.1 cu in (3.2 L) and either 56 hp (42 kW) or 65 hp (48 kW).

Beginning in 1938, the 201 cu in (3,292 cc) inline 6 was used in Massey Harris's Massey Harris Model 101 (later known as the 101 Super). It continued to be used by Massey until 1940, when it was supplanted by the 217 cu in (3,554 cc).[1] In 1940, Chrysler's 242 cu in straight six went into Massey's Massey Harris Model 201 Super, which lasted until 1942.[2]

185.82638All S-Series 58
170.32738All S-Series 50
2838-45All S-Series 52
2945Plymouth S-Model Q
175.43045Plymouth S-U
1963048Plymouth S-30-U
3148Plymouth S-All
196.13265Plymouth S-PB
3256Plymouth S-PA


20124-2568All S-all
2882692All S-Series E-80
288.62792All S-Series 80
218.62668All S-Series G-70
2768All S-Series 70
3075Chrysler S-70s built 1929
3068Chrysler S-66s built 1930
3168Chrysler S-66
180.22754All S-Series 60
2854/60All S-Series 62
174.92955DeSoto S-All
3057DeSoto S-K
175.42945Plymouth S-Model U
189.83061Dodge S-DD
3060DeSoto S-CK
3161Dodge S-DD
3160DeSoto S-CK
3261Dodge S-DD
3370Plymouth S-All
195.52965/72Chrysler S-Series 65
195.63065Chrysler S-66s built 1929
3062Chrysler S-CJ6
3162Chrysler S-CJ-6
201.33375Dodge S-DP
3477Plymouth S-All
3582Plymouth S-All
3682Plymouth S-All
3782Plymouth S-All
3882Plymouth S-All
3982Plymouth S-All
4084Plymouth S-All
4187Plymouth S-All
205.33167DeSoto S-SA
3267DeSoto S-SA
205.646-49114Chrysler S-Royal, Windsor, T&C six
2082963Dodge S-Series DA
2958Dodge S-Series J
3063Dodge S-DA
211.53168Dodge S-DH
3274Dodge S-DH
3275DeSoto S-SC
217.83178Chrysler S-CM-6
3279Dodge S-DL
3278Chrysler S-CM-6
3382DeSoto S-All
3487Dodge S-All
3587Dodge S-All
3687Dodge S-All
3787Dodge S-All
3887Dodge S-All
3987Dodge S-All
4087Dodge S-All
4191Dodge S-All
4295Plymouth S-All
46-4995Plymouth S-All
4997Plymouth S-All
5097Plymouth S-All
5197Plymouth S-All
5297Plymouth S-All
53100Plymouth S-All
54100Plymouth S-All (Early)
2242968Dodge S-Series M
3282Chrysler S-CI-6
3383/89Chrysler S-CO
228.13793DeSoto S-All
37100Chrysler O-C-16
3793Chrysler S-C-16
38100DeSoto O-All
3893DeSoto S-All
39100DeSoto O-All
3993DeSoto S-All
40105DeSoto O-All
40100DeSoto S-All
41105DeSoto S-All
230.242105Dodge S-All
46-49102Dodge S-All
49103Dodge S-All
50103Dodge S-All
51103Dodge S-All
52103Dodge S-All
53103Dodge S-D-46, D-47
54110Plymouth S-All (Late)
54110Dodge S-All I-6
55117Plymouth S-All I-6
55123Dodge S-Coronet I-6
56125Plymouth S-all exc Fury, Belvedere cvt
56131Plymouth O-all exc Fury, Belvedere cvt
56131Dodge S-Coronet I-6
57132Plymouth S-All exc Fury, Belvedere, cvt
57138Dodge S-Coronet I-6
58132Plymouth S-All exc Fury, Belvedere cvt
58138Dodge S-Coronet I-6
59132Plymouth S-Savoy, Belvedere, Suburban exc. Custom 9P, Fury, Sport Fury
59138Dodge S-Coronet I-6
236.642115DeSoto S-All
46-49109DeSoto S-All
49112DeSoto S-All
50112DeSoto S-All
241.53078Dodge S-DB
34100DeSoto S-All
34100Chrysler O-CA, CB
3493Chrysler S-CA, CB
35100DeSoto S-All
35100Chrysler O-C-6
3593Chrysler S-C-6
36100DeSoto S-All
36100Chrysler O-C-7
3693Chrysler S-C-7
38102Chrysler O-C-18
3895Chrysler S-C-18
39107Chrysler O-C-22
39100Chrysler S-C-22
40112Chrysler O-Royal, Windsor
40108Chrysler S-Royal, Windsor
41115Chrysler O-Royal, Windsor
41108/112Chrysler S-Royal, Windsor
241.62978Dodge S-Series S
248.92875/85All S-Series 72
2975/84Chrysler S-Series 75
250.642120Chrysler S-Royal, Windsor
49116Chrysler S-Royal, Windsor
50116Chrysler S-Royal, Windsor
51116DeSoto S-All
51116Chrysler S-Windsor
52116DeSoto S-DeLuxe, Custom
53116DeSoto S-Powermaster
54116DeSoto S-Powermaster
264.552119Chrysler S-Windsor
53119Chrysler S-Windsor
54119Chrysler S-Windsor Deluxe
268.43093Chrysler S-77 & 70s built 1930
3193Chrysler S-70
3293Chrysler S-70
309.328100/112All S-Series 80 L
29100/112Chrysler S-Series 80 L
30100Chrysler S-Imperial


207.73070DeSoto S-CF
3170DeSoto S-CF
220.73075Dodge S-DC
3175Dodge S-DC
3177DeSoto S-CF Second Series
3275Dodge S-DC
3277DeSoto S-CF Second Series
240.33184Dodge S-DG
3182Chrysler S-CD-8s built 1930
3284Dodge S-DG
260.83190Chrysler S-CD-8s built 1931
273.83390/98Chrysler S-CT
35110Chrysler O-CZ
35105Chrysler S-CZ
36110Chrysler O-C-8
36105Chrysler S-C-8
37115Chrysler O-C-14
37110Chrysler S-C-14
282.13195Chrysler S-DeLuxe Eight
3290Dodge S-DK
3295Chrysler S-CD
3392Dodge S-DO
298.632100Chrysler S-CP-8
298.733108/100Chrysler S-CQ
34122Chrysler S-CU
38122Chrysler O-C-19
38110Chrysler S-C-19
323.534130Chrysler S-CV, CX
35138Chrysler O-C-2, C-3
35130Chrysler S-C-2, C-3
35120Chrysler O-C-1
35115Chrysler S-C-1
36130Chrysler S-C-10, C-11
36115Chrysler S-C-9
37138Chrysler O-C-17, C-15
37130Chrysler S-C-17, C-15
38138Chrysler O-C-20
38130Chrysler S-C-20
39138Chrysler O-C-24
39132Chrysler S-C-24
39130Chrysler S-C-23
40143Chrysler O-Traveler, NY, Saratoga, Crown Imperial
40135Chrysler S-Traveler, NY, Saratoga
40132Chrysler S-Crown Imperial
41143Chrysler S-Crown Imperial
41140Chrysler O-Saratoga, NY
41137Chrysler S-Saratoga, NY
42140Chrysler S-others
46-49135Chrysler S-others
49135Chrysler S-others
50135Chrysler S-others
384.831125Chrysler S-Imperial
32125Chrysler S-CG, CH, CL
33135/125Chrysler S-CL
34150Chrysler S-CW
35150Chrysler S-CW


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