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Eagle Vista
Eagle Vista sedan
Automotive industryMitsubishi Motors
Car classificationSubcompact car
Car body style4-door Sedan (car)
3-door Hatchback
4-door Station wagon
Internal combustion engine1.5L Mitsubishi Orion engine Straight-4
1.6L Mitsubishi Saturn engine Straight-4 (hatchback/sedan}
2.0L Mitsubishi Sirius engine Straight-4 (station wagon)
Transmission (mechanics)4-speed Manual transmission
5-speed Manual transmission
3-speed Automatic transmission
Wheelbase93.7 in (2380 mm)
LengthHatchback: 157.3 in (3995 mm)
Sedan: 169.1 in (4295 mm)
Width63.8 in (1621 mm)
Height53.5 in (1359 mm)
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The Eagle automobile Vista was a Subcompact car sold from 1988 to 1992 in Canada. It was a Badge engineering version of the second generation Mitsubishi Mirage (station wagons were a Badge engineering version of the Mitsubishi Space Wagon). The Vista Hatchback and Sedan (car)'s were available with either a 1.5 L Mitsubishi Orion engine Straight-4, or a 1.6L Turbocharged Mitsubishi Saturn engine, and was available with either a 4 or 5-speed Manual transmission or a 3-speed Automatic transmission(1.5L only). The station wagon was available with a SOHC Mitsubishi Sirius engine 2.0L Straight-4, with either a 5-speed Manual transmission (available only on the 4 wheel drive version) or a 3-speed Automatic transmission.

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