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Newark Assembly was a Chrysler automobile factory in Newark, Delaware. The factory opened in 1951 as a tank plant and was converted for automobiles in 1957. It was the home for the Dodge Durango SUV since its introduction in 1997. On February 14, 2007, DaimlerChrysler announced that the plant would lose one working shift in 2007, and would be scheduled to be shut down completely in 2009.[1] In October 2008, it was announced that the closure would be moved up to the end of 2008 citing a slowdown in both the economy and demand for large vehicles.[2]



*: Dodge Intrepids and Chrysler Concordes were only built in Newark Assembly from 1994 to 1996. During those years, Newark was an overflow plant for Brampton Assembly.
**: The J-body Chrysler LeBaron coupes and convertibles were produced in St. Louis Assembly from 1987 to 1991. For 1992, production was shifted to Newark until production ended in 1993 for the coupe and 1995 for the convertible.