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The Dodge 440 was a full sized car offered by Dodge in 1963 and 1964. It was available as a 2dr sedan, 2dr hardtop, 4dr sedan, or station wagon. Power was delivered by a standard 225 Slant-Six. The 318 2bbl, 361 2bbl, 383 2bbl, 383 4 bbl and 426 4bbl/426 2x4 bbl were all optional. The car rode a 119" wheelbase shared with the 330 and Polara. The car, along with the 330, was replaced in 1965 by the Polara, with the 880 taking the Polara's place in the lineup on the new C Body with 121" wheelbase. The 426 motor was eliminated from full size Dodge's in 1965 as well.