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The Dodge Town Wagon is the passenger version of the Panel truck (wagon style) manufactured between 1954 and 1966 by Chrysler's Dodge division. The model resembles what would be called an SUV nowadays. A competitor with the Chevrolet Suburban, it was initially available in 2 wheel drive only, but the 4 wheel drive model was ultimately more popular. The Dodge "Town Wagon" model was a twin of the Dodge Town Panel model, only the Town Panel had no windows or seats behind the driver and was more of a commercial-use vehicle.

The Town Wagon in four wheel drive configuration was called the Power Wagon Town Wagon, and had a "Power Wagon" badge linking it to the Dodge Power Wagon.

The Town Panel and Town Wagon trucks were based upon the design of the Dodge C Series Pickup trucks with round fenders and wraparound windshields. Even after the Dodge D Series pickup trucks with square fenders and flat windshields were released, the Town Wagons retained the 1958 sheet metal design of the C Series pickups and heavy-duty trucks.

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