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Plymouth Deluxe Convertible
Plymouth Deluxe / Special Deluxe
1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe
1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe
Automotive industryPlymouth
Parent companyChrysler Corporation
SuccessorPlymouth Concord
Plymouth Cambridge
Plymouth Cranbrook
Car classificationFull-size
Car body style2-door Sedan (car)
4-door Sedan (car)
2-door club Coupe
2-door Convertible
4-door Station wagon
Internal combustion engine1946-48: 3.6 L Straight-6 (95 bhp)
1949-50: 3.6 L Straight-6 (97 bhp)
Wheelbase1946-48: 117 in (2972 mm)
1949-50 SWB: 111 in (2819 mm)
1949-50 LWB: 118.5 in (3010 mm)
Length1946-48 station wagon: 195.625 in (4969 mm)
1946-48 other styles: 196.75 in (4997 mm)
1949 SWB: 185.5 in (4712 mm)
1949 LWB: 191.5 in (4864 mm)
1950 SWB: 186.5 in (4737 mm)
1950 LWB: 192.5 in (4890 mm)

The Plymouth Deluxe, was a full-size automobile, produced by the Plymouth division of Chrysler, from 1946-1950. It came in two trim levels, the Deluxe and the top-of-the-line Special Deluxe. It was the first model line of the manufacturer after WWII and was replaced by the Concord, the Cambridge and the Cranbrook for 1951.


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