Chrysler E-Class

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Chrysler E-Class
Automotive industryChrysler Corporation
SuccessorPlymouth Caravelle
Car classificationMid-size
Car body style4-door Sedan (car)
Automobile layoutFF layout
Automobile platformE-body
Internal combustion engine2.2 L K Straight-4
2.2 L Turbo I Straight-4
2.6 L Mitsubishi Motors Mitsubishi Astron engine Straight-4
Transmission (mechanics)3-speed Chrysler A-404 transmission Automatic transmission
3-speed Chrysler A-404 transmission Automatic transmission
RelatedChrysler New Yorker
Dodge 600
Plymouth Caravelle

The Chrysler E-Class was a Mid-size car produced by the Chrysler Corporation. Introduced in 1983 on a stretched version of the Chrysler K platform, the E-Class was targeted at those who wanted Chrysler luxury, but could not afford the opulence nor hefty price tag of the New Yorker. The E-Class came with a number of standard features and options including a cassette player, split 50/50 front bench with middle seat mounted console, two-tone exterior paint (1984 only), power window & door locks, and air conditioning.

The E-Class however, sold poorly and was dropped from Chrysler's lineup after only two years on the market. Rather than discontinug their second mainstream version of the E-body (the other being the Dodge 600), Chrysler gave the car a minor refreshment (it lost the waterfall grille and crystal pentastar hood ornament) and transferred it to Plymouth's lineup, where it became the Caravelle for 1985.

Engines were the 2.2 L naturally-aspirated I4 and the Mitsubishi Motors 2.6 L I4. 1984 saw the debut of Fuel injection on the 2.2 L engine and an optional Garrett AiResearch T-03 Turbocharger.


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