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Jeep FJ-3/FJ-3A
ManufacturerWillys Motors
Also calledFleetvan
AssemblyToledo, Ohio
ClassCompact van
Engine(s)F4-134 Hurricane
Wheelbase81 in (2057.4 mm)
Length135 in (3429 mm) (FJ-3)
154 in (3911.6 mm) (FJ-3A)
Width64.7 in (1643 mm)
Height90.1 in (2289 mm)
ManualsService Manual

The Jeep FJ-3 Fleetvan was a compact delivery van manufactured by Willys Motors and Kaiser-Jeep from 1961 to 1965. It was based on the DJ-3A Dispatcher, but equipped with the F-134 Hurricane engine. Two models were available, the FJ-3 and the longer FJ-3A. It came standard with the familiar Borg-Warner T-90 three-speed manual transmission. A Borg-Warner automatic was offered as an option.

Right-hand-drive FJ-3s were made for the U. S. Postal Service. Most of these had horizontal grille slats in contrast to the seven vertical slats found on standard models.

An FJ-6 model was introduced in 1965 for postal use, which was ultimately replaced by the FJ-9 introduced in 1975.